Jai Hanuman Puja

Jai Hanuman Puja :
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Benefits of Jai Hanuman Puja

Lord Hanuman could be a illustrious divine being thanks to 2 things – initial, he's associate incarnation of Lord Shiva, and second – he's referred to as the beloved lover of Lord Rama.

People who are below the influence of malign planet like Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are suggested to recite Sundarkand, a holy recital book dedicated to the Lord Hanuman perform.

Ruler Jai Hanuman Prayers holds exceptional importance because it fortifies the solid and Psycological improvement for the devotees. Jai Hanuman Puja gives the probability of making positive energy around you and your surroundings.

Jai Hanuman Puja will facilitate you in obtaining obviate evil effects caused by malign planetary transit in your horoscope. lover is meant to be spiritually pure and use red chromatic, floral beads, and Diya to please the god.

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